An Impartial Inspection

On several occasions, I have been asked by clients what my relationship was with their realtor when it comes to home inspections. My answer has always been the same. My services are rendered on behalf of and in the best interest of my client. Nothing will be glossed over, ignored, or downplayed. At the same time I am not an alarmist. Most defects can be repaired. It has always been my goal to provide my client with the very best inspection they can obtain. I have developed professional relationships with numerous realtors in the region, however, I will never allow these relationships to influence my inspection report. While it is always nice when both the buyer and seller walk away happy the inspection process may illuminate a defect that neither party can live with or negotiate through.

I now find myself frequently being called by realtors to conduct home inspections on their behalf or that of their family or friends. That to me is clear evidence that my inspection process is thorough and impartial. It is also a clear confirmation that I am conducting a high quality inspection, written with easily understood verbiage while maintaining strict standards of practice.

My obligation is to my client. I will never compromise my integrity or lower my inspection standards in order to influence the outcome of a home purchase.

#LetterFromTheOwner #CustomerCare

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