A DIY Lawn Sprinkler That Will Last

Normally my posts are directed toward home inspections, maintenance, or safety. However, I thought I would share this DIY project for those looking for an effective and long lasting sprinkler for their lawn or garden.

If you’re like me you don’t enjoy paying $15-20 for a sprinkler that’s difficult to adjust, isn’t stable and has an inconsistent pattern. If you’re lucky some of these store-bought sprinklers might only last a single growing season. I built my own sprinklers 7 years ago, and they’re still going strong to this day.

These sprinklers are low cost and can be made at home using simple hand tools. They’re easy to set up and adjust to meet your water spraying pattern and coverage needs and will last for years!

You’ll spend about $10 in PVC to construct the sprinkler system and between $7-14 for the spray head. I personally use the Rainbird 52SA which approximately covers a 50-foot area. You can choose a smaller sprinkler head if you don’t need to cover an area this big…on the other hand these sprinklers can also be daisy chained to cover a larger area.

If you would like a detailed parts list and a step by step guide to make these sprinklers just click on the link Here.

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