Home Buyer The Day of Your Home Inspection

Most home buyers choose to have a home inspection and are anxious to find out the condition of their potential purchase. This is understandable, the home purchase is generally a person’s largest investment. Stress is normally high. The buyer, seller, realtors and yes even the Home Inspector would like to see a smooth transaction in which everyone ends up happy. There can be so much stress in the process that I decided to offer some recommendations to help insure the home inspection is the smoothest portion of your home purchase.

Many buyers want to be involved in the inspection to some degree. This is recommended by most Home Inspectors. We want you to understand the exact condition of your new home at the time of the inspection. While pictures in the report help, sometimes it is easier to comprehend a defect if you can actually see it. A good way to do this is to meet the Home Inspector at the house the day of the inspection. The best time to conduct this meeting is at the completion of the physical portion of the inspection. Most Real Estate Agencies require that an agent be present during this meeting.

I have had clients insist that they accompany me through the entire inspection process. While this may seem to be an acceptable practice I strongly discourage it. I, and most other Home Inspectors have developed an inspection technique or routine that allows us to do a very thorough inspection in the least amount of time possible. This is not to suggest that we are trying to rush through the inspection. The system I use allows me to systematically move through each room, system and component of the house in a logical and thorough manner. Keep in mind, we are trying to minimize any inconvenience to the home owner or occupant.

If a client frequently re-directs an inspector’s focus this can add up to substantial delays in the process. Worse than prolonging the inspection is the increased probability that the inspector will miss or overlook a defect. This is the last thing anyone wants. You are paying good money for a quality inspection. This is what we want to deliver to you. Please allow us to do it. There will be ample time at the completion of the inspection to discuss defects or concerns identified during the process.

I hope you find this information helpful. Visit my website, www.mrbhomeinspections.com for additional information and home maintenance tips.

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