Home Tip - A Season For Safety!

Winter is quickly approaching and for some us it seems like it has already arrived. With Thanksgiving here many of us have started adding elaborate decorations in the form of electrical lights throughout our homes. Needless to say, both can add a substantial load to our home’s electrical circuits.

When adding these various appliances keep an eye out for indicators of what could turn into a serious problem such as this electrical outlet. If you find one that looks like this contact a licensed electrician for repair. This one was caused by loose terminal screws attaching the conductors to the outlet. This caused arcing and increased resistance which damaged the outlet. This is both a safety and fire hazard if left as is.

Other causes of this damage like this can be due to overloading the circuit with “high draw” devices such as space heaters. Extension cords are often misused and should be avoided whenever possible. If you find your home needs more electrical outlets the safe thing to do is have an electrician add more outlets.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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